I get paid to go through data, facts and present them to people across continents. I spend most of my time in airport lounges, on planes, in transits, rushing from one meeting room to another, sleeping on different beds in most part the last few years. Minutes, hours, days of left brain work of organization, strategizing leave me thirsty for free flow right brain work.

I love meeting new people, going to new places both on the physical and mental plane. I love logging my thoughts via pictures. This is where I allow my neurons, soul, spirit to play and roam free…

This blog give glimpses (I think) about how I attempt to integrate this hectic mundane lifestyle of powerpoint presentations, sales pitches, posh dinners, luxurious hotels to ME: whose travel style is unplanned, spontaneous…embarking on my own journey internally or externally whenever I can.


36 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for your encouragements! I really like your words of wisdom, ‘write it down and then live twice’ ….indeed it stretches time, gives space, leaves time to think…which I often forget to do as I get myself lost in this hectic world (like a mice in a running wheel)

  1. Love your website! I can resonate with you in-between my left brain and my right brain! Great blog and thanks so much for sharing!! Xx

  2. Surviving mundane life. It’s something a lot of us Western people are desperately trying. Many end up on drugs and pills I think. If you can do it this way, that’s a real accomplishment. Embrace it and never let go.

  3. you have great shots on here! I bet your job is fun (even though it can be tiring from time to time.. as a business person myself I can all honestly say that!) πŸ˜‰

  4. I like your eye! I like to think I can imagine how hard the constant travel is…but well, I just can’t. : ) I’m kidding… Good stuff, thanks for stopping by my ‘eclectic’ little corner of the digital world.

  5. What a nice counterbalance πŸ˜‰ And, I guess, there is the need to “log” the places one has been to in some way, to stop them from all merging into one big throbbing mass of hazy memories.

  6. I don’t envy your job — airports, planes, hotels, connections, meetings, etc. — all sounds to hectic for me; but I do envy you for all the great places you get see, and the great photos you get.

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I must say you have incredible photos! What camera do you usually take your pictures with? And also, how amazing is it really, to be able to travel across the world for work… wish I could say the same πŸ™‚

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