Timeless Sweet Moments

Went through my past posts, noticed they were rather dark … I decided to write something lighter.
But there are no joys without pain, no pains without joys….


Timeless is when it does not matter if it’s a fraction of a second or a million years.
Often, moments, upon analysis feels like mere fractions of seconds, are what one remembers – that sense of bliss, anger, love, hatred – one is hung up on comes from all but that one single moment. That moment may past , or it my stretched, extend to occupy one’s continuum.
Sweet moments. They lived. Often, they are all that matters. Timeless, they can just be that fraction of a second – like when your bat contacts the ball and drives it to a home run. Like the moment when your taste buds are engulfed in that delicious sweet salty caramel. Like the moment when a yogi tip the body to the a hand stand for the very first time. Like the moment the lips of the lovers locked out of pure affection. If you love it, extend those moments within, not grasping on what happens next.
That very sweet moments that captures thy heart , timeless, are something conventional seconds, days, or years cannot measure – Immerse in that magic. I do. Please do too.



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