Grey Days in Paris

Paris 2I haven’t blog for a while. Perhaps it’s because the pictures I was about to look into next are the ones I took in Paris, December. The Grey days in Paris wasn’t typical for someone like me who grew up near the equator, with sun, sea and salt. I didn’t really like those pictures I took. I guess it was tough to capture Paris the way I would want it to be with my amature-ish, or more like beginner’s skills in photography. I enjoy my totally unplanned trip in Paris. Never expect me to feel this way about it. If you asked me about the city before this trip, I would probably tell you how unimpressed I was with it. But now, after my 4th visit, I finally changed my perceptions. I guess to me, Paris is like wine – an acquired taste, my love to this city grew each time I visit it. I was in transit in Paris, only had time in this city of romance, city of lights for 3 nights before work starts for me as usual. Map-less again, only instructions to reach my hotel located in a peaceful neighborhood in Corvisart. (I do really recommend quiet residential neighborhoods like Corvisart to those of us who enjoy tranquility.) I had a good break before an intensive 2 weeks of work in France. If I do have the good great fortune…will love to visit Paris again…

Paris 1

Paris 3


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