Sights of Cairo Streets

Wandering in the streets of Cairo. I wanted to see, hear, smell what people of Cairo see, hear and smell. It’s not easy to be discrete. Perhaps these streets are a little off the beaten path. I was with my friend, no maps, no destination – he exclaimed, “Everybody’s staring at you!”. Perhaps it’s unusual to see a yellow-skinned female holding a DSLR, with a white male? The sun was setting, it’s getting dark – the buzz of the streets didn’t seem to be ceasing anytime soon.

Man on the roof copy

Men, On the phone, above and below.


Burning, watching…

pita on the streets

Pita breads everywhere

Pita street seller

A little Pita bread seller on the street. Bored, a plastic bag and the van next to him became a little game.


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