The Great Wall of China in Fall Colors

By the wall

There is a local Chinese saying “Not a hero, till climbed the Great Wall”. I finally did it in October, laid eyes and stood on the greatest military structure in history, in the beautiful backdrop of greens, reds and golds. Within Beijing municipality, there are 4 various sections of this grand ancient fortification opened to tourists. I chose the Mutianyu section, hoping that it would be less crowded than the more popular Badaling section. Mutianyu was about 2 – 3 hours away from Beijing depending on the traffic.

Reds Greens and Golds

One can opt to reach the Great Wall via chair lifts. Tickets can be bought at entrance of Mutianyu Great Wall Park. It was absolutely breathtaking to see the striking fall colors beneath the feet, whilst the Great Wall peeked from the hilltop.

Great wall in the wild

The Great Wall winds along the cragged mountains…

Great wall vertical …in its full glory

brick by brick

More than 20, 000 kilometres of formidable fortifications built from stones, bricks, earth, wood – stretched as far as the eyes can see – a true masterpiece of histrorical and cultural significance!


10 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China in Fall Colors

  1. It’s cool you can balance (juggle ?) your left + right selves. Lovely post.
    Thanks for visiting, I’m following your interesting adventures. πŸ™‚

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