The Dragon’s Descendants in the Forbidden City

Dragon boysConstructed in the 14th century, for 14 years, by millions of workers, this was home for 24 Emperors that spans across 2 Chinese dynasties. No doubt this architecture wonder, located in the center of China’s capital, Forbidden City attracts millions of tourists every year. On weekends, it was packed with local visitors admiring this national treasure. Many I can imagine, traveled miles from other provinces in China to this political epicentre, Beijing – to savor the beauty, grandeur and rich history of this place that many locals held pride for. Visiting the imperial palace is a family activity.

Generations of Chinese Emperors used Dragon as their symbol of imperial, infinite power. Chinese communities across the globe affectionately refer people of Chinese ethnicity as Dragon’s descendants. Because there was a huge crowd when I visited Forbidden City, I couldn’t help but started taking pictures of people, the Dragon’s Descendants instead…

Chinese toddler up the stairs

Up the dragon stairs…

Babygirl in Gugong

boy candy

Boy eating candied haw from a stick, with China flag in his hand


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