My Love Affair with ‘Getting Lost’

I was lost. That smile spells it all.


This picture was taken in an unknown location, probably a Vietnamese fishing village, 30 mins north of Nhatrang.

I was on a moped with Ade. We were riding along the winding path. With the summer, salty breeze blowing against our sun-kissed skin, we were completely immersed in the tropical beauty of green hills that rose and fell gently along the eastern coast of Vietnam. Lost track of time and destination, our moped’s engine came to a barking stop as it whooped out the very last gases from its exhaust suddenly. We ran out of gas in a middle of a fishing village, having not a single clue where we could get our gas topped up!

As we panicked and pushed the moped to the side of the road (which was silly really because this place was absolutely deserted), we were soon surrounded by a crowd of excited, chatty villagers, speaking in a totally different language. It was slightly intimidating for Ade I guess, especially when the villagers started pointing at his fair skin and hair on his arms with large curious eyes! One of the sweet lady in green top and bottom pointed to my face and pointed to hers and said ‘same same’. I smiled and said, ‘Yes, I am from Singapore…’ They looked a little perplexed, then I said ‘China, China, Chinese, same same’ then they broke into another frenzy, chatting in their own language in high-speed with big smiles. Via sign language – we managed to get a very kind man on his bicycle to bring us back some gas for 10 USD. There was a round of applause, when kind man returned about 10 minutes later, holding  a transparent plastic bag filled with green liquid high up, with great pride. The villagers bid their warm farewells as we zoomed away on our moped with its tank filled eventually…

This picture reminds me of my love affair with spontaneous , map-less travels that I am so hooked on. Love that adrenaline rush of feeling lost.

Be lost. Feel helpless. I tore away the masks I wore, walked out of the shell that I hid within: connect with the very place, persons, situation right in front of your very eyes, with no preconception, no past, no future what-so ever. Just be.

The feeling of going back to basic, the closest I can get for being in the now, is absolutely blissful.


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