My Dad’s Pet Bird

This is my Dad’s pet humming bird. He feeds it 3 times a day with nectar. Amazingly, this humming bird only responds to my Dad’s whistles. If I come along and do the same – it will just flee, but if my Dad whistles, it will just appear, chirpily, with its partner. They fly in pairs they do.

See my Dad really pampers his pet humming bird. He will hang the bottle of nectar really close to the branch so it will hardly need to put any effort to reach for its food. In order to capture a humming bird in action with all its beauty – I hanged the nectar bottle an inch higher so it would have to flutter before it reaches the sweet threat. I got my shot. At a cost. My Dad, and my Mum too, grumbled and told me off for ‘torturin’ their humming bird. The nectar bottle is resting on the branch now so that the birds can enjoy the sweetness with ease.

Yes, I have rather quirky parents – I am beginning to see where my quirkiness is from.


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