Rare White Mynah

I grew up with mynahs. They are everywhere. Squawking away: perching on every tree, on my laundry, or making a huge racket on the balcony ensuring they are heard. I always spot them poo before they swooped away, as humans come rushing to shoo them off their premises. They are like rebellious punks of the bird species with their dark plumage, gregariously conquer trees in swarms, sometimes in pairs. Louder and stronger, the bigger more peaceful pigeons sometimes got to make way for these birds – found naturally in southern and eastern Asia!

Never thought I would rushed out of my house in my PJs armed with NiKolaus to take a picture of a mynah. They are common sights in my hometown. However, this mynah is really rare – it is white! I spent more than 150 days in a year traveling, thinking that I would see the most unusual sights in a foreign country. Never did I expect, one of the rarest of all to be right by my door step!  What are the chances? 0.001%?

White Bell with Darling II

White Bell with Darling

Our family affectionately call our rare neighbour White Bell. He or She has a partner whom is very protective of her/him. We have a feeling White Bell is a her. It is really difficult to get close to White Bell as her partner will signal White Bell to flee when I crept closer.

White Bell and her Darling III

Hope to take better pictures of our little friend when I would be home in those rare occasions…without disturbing this loving pair …


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