Vienna: Streets, People

“I’m only happy when it rains”

I gave myself a shot on street photography in the city of music – Vienna.  I couldn’t help but hear a friend’s critique of happy snapping photographers as I was arming, niKolaus (my camera), trying to capture any interesting moments I may be fortunate enough to chance upon. See, my friend happens to live in an apartment located in a Gothic quarter. A beautiful neighborhood, with its balcony facing a quiet, narrow, pretty little street. I don’t blame him as I caught myself feeling irritated whilst I was standing at the balcony once and I don’t even live there! “F*&K, these people have nothing better to do?!”  rang in my ears as I strolled along the streets of Vienna: staring, looking, feeling and ready to snap. This is really my feeble first attempt of street picture-taking. The results can be categorized to be ‘one of those ‘people who has nothing better to do’…but I have to admit, I really enjoy the process. Possibly because I am an introvert and street snapping challenges me and bring me out of my shell. I always look up to street photographers…hopefully my next post of street scenes are much better then these ones and I can proudly say ‘ hey, I am doing something worth looking at ‘!

Park Bench Whispers

Stadt Park: The last days of Summer

Watching @ Judenplatz

Side of Hofburg Palace

The Herb Seller of Naschmarkt

Setting Sun on a peaceful Sunday

Opera Lovers: Live Opera outside State Opera House of Vienna

Our World is a Maze – indeed!

Still subjects are so much easier to capture…DUH…

Cans of Red

A Vespa

Gotta love Vespas :)!


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