Naschmarkt in the Summer

The Sign

I love visiting local markets. Whenever I visit a new country, city, town, village; I try to make time to visit their local markets. Sometimes, I learn more about the culture, the place, the people by the books, food, knickknacks they sell. Often times, when I travel for business, I do not get a chance to visit places where locals go. This is especially true if I am traveling to Asian countries as the Asian hosts tend to ensure their guests are exposed to the best experiences. Often times, such best experiences are only reserved for the previleged which does not reflect true local life. In Vienna however, Naschmakt (local open market) is like a local pride and a popular tourist destination. This open market located over the Wien River is simply bustling with life in the summer. I was there on a Saturday when a flea market was taking place too. I got off Kettenbruckengasse on the green line and found myself right in the middle of crowds: wide-eyed locals, tourists or immigrants, all either looking for a good sale or buy.

Fresh Vegetables

Love the colors of fresh vegetables, one of my favourite sights when I visit a market


It seems like there are more stores selling imported spices than local fresh produce.

Herb seller

Fresh herbs! This gotta be my favourite store!

The Florist of Naschmarkt

I can tell he’s tired of picture taking from thousands of tourists that visit this place

The Treasure Hunter

Flea markets are where you can find the most interesting objects, people, have an open mind – there are hidden treasure!

Maiden in a box

Station on a Table

Colorful Kitchen Tools

Saturday Flea Market

The flea market of Vienna is a must visit! A perfect place to people watch over a glass of wine if you are not a shopoholic.


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