Vienna Street Fest – die Parade am ring

Think Vienna – and I think of opera singers belting their souls in front of magnificent Baroque architecture. Even the cab driver who picked me up from the airport was listening to classical music. My flight arrived in Vienna late morning. I had a business meeting in the evening. After a quick glance at the map of Vienna – armed with Niko (yes, I have a name for my camera), I wandered off to the streets. I had 5 hours to explore before I ‘suit’ up for a business meeting. When I travel for work, I try to indulge a little with photography(really amateur ones)whenever I can. I walked along the quiet streets in the light drizzle of a September day toward Stadt Park imagining what it looks like in the 1700s with men in their golden braids and women with their heavily layered petticoats. In a half-dreamy state probably from the jet-lag – I was awakened by the rhythmic electronic beats – I walked straight into the Vienna Street Fest!

Parties on Trucks

It’s hard to keep focus to snap some great street scenes whilst the Techno is booming in the background.

Da ist Die Party

The party started really early – it was only 2 pm!

  Spotted a few punks with their amazing hairdo. I think Vienna is one place where you can find cute punks.

Punks of Vienna

Punk Duo of the Party

The entire main street that cuts Vienna old city becomes a Techno/Trance Party venue.

Party On Baby

Polizei and the Punks

This is the Way we Rock

That party mood is just electric! Fortunately, I had a kick-off meeting to attend in the evening – shame really – but that meeting saved me from being smashed before I even start my 4 days-conference. What an awesome introduction to Vienna…

Pretty Girls on Board

Parties on trucks!

For all partylovers – this is a yearly Viennese Summerbreak event that tend to take place end of summer – where the city is transformed to an open-air dance floor and many clubs allow free entry!

visit: for more info.


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