So long Koh Phangan…

The Beaten Path – From Haad Tien to Why Nam

It has been a mad 4 days. It began with that momentary sense of separation anxiety as I handed my laptop to my Director in Bangkok after my last lecture, to make my way to Koh Phangan for personal down time. I thought I couldn’t care less of my work but that sense of uncertainty did seep into me as I physically part with my business laptop. I think everyone should try this once, or in fact, a few times in their lives – let go of the work, preoccupations, business, career plans, money related issues, family complications etc for a few days. The high of switching off that black ugly monster call the blackberry, turning the mind away from mundane business working life is incredibly liberating. Much superior to the high from those Nepalese stuff.   I notice the poisons are not just what I put through my body but more the thoughts I bore with, that result-grasping thoughts that I allowed to invade my brain cells like a freakin virus…

4 yoga classes in 3 days . That’s hardly intensive but they definitely reignite my interest in Yoga. I enjoyed the instructors’ emphasis on gaining insight and looking within rather than perfecting the postures. I didn’t push myself too much as all the morning race up the hill to get shots of the Gulf of Siam from the top left my calf and thigh muscles sore and felt swollen, it felt like Popeye’s after his spinach. All the light yoga however is to prepare for my ultimate Asana of the day in Koh Samui on the last day.

To save a few bucks, I decided to pay for a ride on a moped instead of a taxi to the airport. Balancing on the tiny moped as the pillion rider with my 12 kg backpack, sun beating down: talking about working on my tail bone, lower back and upper back – even my freaking hamstring and inner thighs (my driver wasn’t skinny I have to use butterfly pose so I don’t hug the driver that much). My last yoga class was Yin Yoga and that definitely helps. Holding that pose for 25 minutes – pffffft- just breathe in, breathe out….

….that tune “Hotel California” lingers on just as it did when I first stepped on the soft sand of…


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