Sand. Sea. Salt. Yoga. Sun

Sun Rise Over Haad Tien Bay

I had a rare opportunity to meet a Qi Gong Master who is also an Acupuncturist in Haad Wai Nam. His name is Greg, and is probably one of the few qualified acupuncturist in Australia. He is a Tao practitioner too, whom are hard to come by even in my part of the world in Asia. He kindly shared some words of wisdom from Qi Gong and Tao philosophy. One of it comes from a Chinese saying, when translated literally to English means : Immortals drink the morning dew. It refers to how waking up early in the morning is beneficial to health. Like immortals who feed on morning dew and have long lives; so too, we should wake up before the day breaks and absorb the freshness of air and initial rays from the heavens. That can keep us youthful. Imagine what went through my mind when I heard those words of wisdom. I am a night owl, workaholic that sometimes have to deal with 3 different time zones in 3 days. There is no morning and night…think I am on a fast track to aging!!! Urggh!!

The days in Haad Tien Bay however was different – I didn’t strive to live like an immortal, but the morning rays of rising sun from the bay shone straight through my window of my cosy coconut hut just woke me up naturally. I actually felt fresh at 6 in the morning.

Initials Rays of the Morning Sun

Enjoying the morning sun, I indulged by lazing in the hammock for a few moments before engaging in an energizing 45 mins silent meditation. The day continued with a hike up the hills, a dip in the blue ocean and 2 gentle, enlightening sessions of yoga. Sounds like monastic life? Nah – far from it. Surrounded by hustle and bustle of cities, traffic, expectations, work…a break from convention is a much-needed breath of fresh air, to sweep away that psychological and physical dullness.

Perfect morning

I do wonder sometimes what will happen if I am to extend this retreat? Would I go crazy from this extreme tranquility ? Or would I be happy with the nature, simplicity around me?

Secret Spiritual Cave


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