No Part II.

Getting Home Before Sun Sets…

Well, there would be no Part II for Unplanned Trips, Unplanned Surprises. 1: I kinda hate the title in retrospect, Part I and Part II thingies are for uncool movie with unclear finale. 2. I hardly plan my trips anyways !!

Traveling with no maps, no cash in Ko Phangan – I walked into the ‘forest’ of Thong Nai Pan. It took me 10 mins to surrender to the unforgiving noon sun. I ditched my idea of a solo adventure and I hitched a ride on the first sight of a moped. I ended up seeing more of Thong Nai Pan than I expected on a moped with a Thai chef who spent 6 months in a year working in Ko Phangan , the other 6 months in Bangkok. Thong Nai Pan – beautiful beach, quiet peaceful village with little civilization (just enough, like having a functioning ATM machine – with great relief), but not all that overwhelming that the rustic beauty is completely lost.

I was so at home in Thong Nai Pan, sun sets in a blink of an eye. Sometimes we are so use to urban comforts – we took timely transportation options for granted. I started to think about how am I going to return to Haad Thian as the last group of beach bummers were folding their beach towels away. This may be a useful tip for anyone going to a trip to Koh Phangan: if you are not staying in the main beach Haad Rin – do plan in advance for a mode of transport to take you back to beach of choice unless you don’t mind camping out, or perhaps party all night. No taxi boats are willing to take me back straight to Haad Thian from Thong Nai Pan at 6:30pm. The only way out is taking a boat to Haad Rin at 7 and then take another one from Haad Rin to Haad Thian – which is doable. But I decided to to go for the alternative option as I have no wish to go to Haad Rin on a Friday night – I will get sucked into the parties! I took up jet ski driver June’s proposal to return to Haad Thian on a jet ski before dark at 800 baht – that is like the best experience I’ve ever had!

Riding along the waves, along the eastern seas of Koh Phangan, with the sun setting behind me….perfect surprise for an unplanned trip!

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