What Birds See

Views from the Top of Haad Wai Nam

I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Koh Phangan’s East Coast, beaches of Haad Thian, Haad Wai Nam and Haad Yuan if I didn’t met Muk. Muk is a gardener of Haad Wai Nam whom I met one morning while I was trail running clumsily from Haad Thian to Wai Nam in my  Adi Zero (duh …I know trial run in my pair of purple Adi Zero – I must be out of my mind. but hey it’s freaking light, very backpacker friendly). No hard core climbing – but the way Muk, in his flip-flops, made up the slopes, skipped over a few rocks that looked like massive boulders to me, climbed over tiny cliffs which obviously looked slightly intimidating to me – made me feel like an idiotic, treadmill running, city dweller. Just like any climb I make in life: the view from the top always make that few scratches on my legs and arms, the unglamorous huffing and puffing worth it.

Muk took me to different points on the cliff top, hand gesturing to the various angles of the views excitedly – his love for natural landscape where he grew up does not need a common language to be expressed and understood. I felt a little disappointed as I reviewed the pictures I took, my poor skills just couldn’t capture that beauty, that spirit ….

No doubt that place boasts the best sunrise in the island. I didn’t make it before sunrise to capture more shots – Shame! I did try I have to say, waking up at 4 am and started making my way up the slopes at 4:30 am, until 30 minutes of complete darkness and wild imaginations running (scorpions, snakes..) later,  I turned around and head back to my sack in complete defeat. I know, I know, having a torch is useful … duh – I will remember next time!

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