Outdoor Showers

Magical Rays

I had a shock to my system when the first drop of fresh, cold water landed on my skin as I turned on the tap of my outdoor shower in Koh Phangan for the first time. Images of me sauntering in the 5 stars hotel in Bangkok I stayed during my business trip a day ago flashed through my mind – warm showers with BBC news at the background, luxurious bath robes, plush white towels, bath slippers where my pedicured feet slipped in, huge mirrors… gosh the list of comforts goes on…. was I pampered.

I soon got used to, and in fact fell in love having my showers with the millipedes, a resident spidey, 2 black pea sized beetle, dozen chirpy birdies in the trees and busy squirrels scampering pass. The greatest enjoyment is a lack of a mirror henceforth an occupation and that ray of sun light that shone through the canopy sending a tinge of natural warmth, in the cold, outdoor shower…


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