Koh Samui: From Chaweng to Maenum

Peaceful Maenam Beach

I had to spend a night in Koh Samui before moving on to my retreat destination, Koh Phangan the next morning. I decided to stay in Chaweng for a night. I chose Chaweng, the busiest stretch of beach in Koh Samui – for the prestine sand, clear turqiose water and perhaps to contrast with the tranquility in Koh Phangan which was awaiting me.

The sand, sea and salt in the air is replaced by an infusion of ‘coppertone’ lotion. Yes, it is that developed. White sand, calm waters with resorts ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars lining along the bay. It is however a tropical dreamland for those who wanted a organized, westernized holiday with a touch of Thai.

Maenam on the other hand exudes this peaceful charm that relaxes my soul immediately as I walked toward the end of the familiar road (was there 3 years ago) leading to Maenam pier which opens up to a clear blue sky, clear waters and fine sand…Breathtaking…tough exremely hot


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